Growers Help Cargill Fight Hunger

Friday, July 11, 2014

The reality of hunger in the U.S. is staggering: 37 million depend on food shelves, including 17 million children—the highest levels since the Great Depression. Unemployment and underemployment are forcing people to make trade-offs between basic necessities.

To counter the problem, Cargill supports Feeding America, a network of 200 large food banks that supply 61,000 smaller pantries across the U.S. with food donations.

“About 70 billion pounds of food produced in America goes to waste,” says Bob Aiken, CEO of Feeding America. “Today, we’re only recapturing about 1 percent of that. We work with Cargill to connect food that would otherwise go to waste with people who are at risk of hunger.”

In addition to $7 million worth of cash to Feeding America over the past 25 years, Cargill has also contributed time, expertise, and product donations, including:

  • 19 million pounds of fresh produce
  • 3 million pounds of surplus products, including eggs, meat, and salt
  • 180,000 pounds of flour
  • Turkey meals for 2 million people through 3 holiday campaigns
  • A food bank safety program to prevent foodborne illness

With a leading role of Hunger-Free Minnesota, last fall Cargill helped secure the first-ever donation of surplus sweet corn to Second Harvest Heartland.

“That example is exciting for two reasons,” says Aiken. “One, the corn was plentiful and abundant. Two, it’s highly nutritious. People who are food insecure often don’t have access to produce and fresh food items.”

As a grain supplier to Cargill, you—our farm customers—are partners in vital work to feed your fellow Americans.

“Food companies are at the very core of what we do,” Aiken concludes. “Companies like Cargill are essential partners to our mission.”