How ProPricing Works

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New to ProPricing® contracts? Here's what you can expect as a ProPricing customer:

1. Sign Up

You meet with your Farm Marketer and commit to sell a specific number of bushels through a ProPricing contract based on your marketing goals. The ProFactor questionnaire can help with this process.

2. The MarketPros Go to Work

Based on the contracts you select, the Cargill MarketPros trade your grain as if it were their own. Trading decisions are made with expert guidance from the Cargill World Trading Unit in Geneva:

  • Cargill sources around the globe deliver critical, timely information
  • The Cargill World Trading Unit in Geneva tracks and analyzes incoming data on supply, demand, weather, shipping and more
  • The Cargill World Trading Unit regularly delivers actionable trading plans to the Cargill MarketPros
  • The Cargill MarketPros make final trading decisions with the goal of getting you the best price for your grain

3. Performance Updates

You receive weekly performance updates on your ProPricing commodities. You can also log in to see the status of your contract at any time. Regular webcasts from the MarketPros keep you informed on their trading decisions.

4. Final Payment

You receive the payment for your bushels based on the MarketPros performance and your set delivery date of the grain.

>>Getting started is simple. Click here to find your Cargill Farm Marketer.


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