How does ProPricing work?

If you're new to the program, we're here to help. Visit our "How ProPricing Works" page to learn more, and get started in four easy steps.

How much should I allocate to ProPricing?

There's no one correct answer to this question because every grower is unique. Your ProPricing allocation should be determined by your business needs and goals. As a point of reference, a good benchmark is 30-35%. Many farmers put 25%-30% of their production in a single crop year. The maximum allowed is 50%. To get started, you can find your ProPricing ProFactor, or speak with your Cargill Farm Marketer to gain even more tailored insight.

What happens at Grower Meetings?

Grower Meetings are one of the best ways to get the inside track on ProPricing. Some of the field's brightest and most influential people will be on hand to share insight, provide ProPricing details, and answer your questions in person. Head over to our Grower Meetings page to find and register for the next one in your area.

Is there a cost to attend a Grower Meeting?

No. Grower Meetings are a free, informative resource for Cargill customers. Join us for the next meeting in your area.

How do I register for a webcast?

While some webcasts will be available to the general public, many are designed for Cargill ProPricing customers only. If you're looking for a specific webcast, there are two places to look. Please visit the meetings page of this website for information on upcoming public webcasts. If the webcast is private (customer-only) please check your email for the registration link, which may have already been sent to you. If you didn't receive an email, or are unable to find it, please contact your Cargill Farm Marketer who can provide further assistance.