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When it comes to marketing your grain, you want to be confident in your selling decisions, but it can be hard to know where to begin. ProPricing is a great starting point, because you control what percentage of your bushels to enroll, and pick delivery periods that work best for your storage and cash flow needs. ProPricing doesn’t require you to constantly watch the markets, or have any prior forward marketing knowledge. This means that you can focus on what’s most important to you – your farm.

Our Company

If you’re overwhelmed with the amount of global grain market information, or you’re unsure what action to take based on market information, consider partnering with our experts who avoid knee-jerk reactions and separate rumors from facts in the marketplace. This concept of a managed contract – where Cargill’s traders put their insights and experience to work on behalf of farmers’ grain – became what is ProPricing today.

Cargill has the largest presence in most major growing regions around the world with more than 150 years of grain buying experience. We make it our business to keep a close eye on events happening around the world that could affect the changes in the price of your grain.

Our People

Watching the grain markets is a full-time job. Just ask us – Cargill has a global network of analysts, traders, merchants, and grain originators working together to understand every market influence from your individual farm all the way to the global grain marketplace.

Every Cargill employee in the supply chain brings professional knowledge and expertise in complex grain markets and tools. When you partner with ProPricing, watching the grain markets doesn’t have to be your full-time job, because it’s already ours.

Your Future

Making disciplined grain marketing decisions builds a successful foundation for your farm for years to come.

Farmers who use ProPricing consistently year after year recognize more value than those who vary the amount of bushels enrolled based upon the previous year’s results. In other words, looking in the rear view mirror means missing the market opportunities ahead. Don’t confuse being disciplined with losing control. Within your consistent percentage of production, you have the freedom to choose multiple contract years, delivery months, and pricing structures. This means that you are able to diversify your risk year-to-year and still adapt to what works best for your farm.

Cost Structure Choices Created for You

We have cost structure options built to best meet your individual marketing goals and operation’s cash flow needs. All bushels enrolled in ProPricing will be marketed the same regardless of the structure you choose. Contact your ProPricing representative to learn more.


You set your basis any time prior to your delivery period, with the flexibility to price out early.

  • A consistent $0.09/bu flat cost
  • Manage your enrollment according to your needs


ProPricing ProShare is a performance-based cost structure. You share in the value created by Cargill compared to the market average.

  • $0.03/bu base cost
  • If the final ProPricing price is below the market average over the pricing period, there is no additional adjustment
  • If the final ProPricing price is above the market average over the pricing period, there will be an additional price adjustment of 25% of the increased pricing performance in addition to the $0.03
  • The total price adjustment is capped at $0.20/bu

See for yourself what our customers have to say:

"Cargill is one of the world’s largest grain handlers, so if anyone should have a handle on what’s happening globally, it should be Cargill. In the last five years, I’ve been enrolled in ProPricing at 50 percent. I figured if ProPricing could keep me in the top third of the market, that’s where I want to be."

2018 ProPricing Contract Overview

CornFutures Reference MonthPricing PeriodFinal Enrollment Date
Mar 2019 08/20/18 - 02/14/19 Fri. 08/17/2018
May 2019 09/18/18 - 04/23/19 Fri. 09/14/2018
July 2019 09/18/18 - 06/14/19 Fri. 09/14/2018
July 2019 12/20/18 - 06/14/19 Wed. 12/19/2018
2018 Corn1 YEAR
Sep 2019 12/20/18 - 08/09/19 Wed. 12/19/2018
Dec 2019 09/18/18 - 09/25/19 Fri. 09/14/2018
Dec 2019 12/20/18 - 09/25/19 Wed. 12/19/2018
Mar 2020 12/20/18 - 02/14/20 Wed. 12/19/2018
May 2020 12/20/18 - 04/21/20 Wed. 12/19/2018
July 2020 12/20/18 - 06/12/20 Wed. 12/19/2018
2019 Corn2 YEAR
Sep 2020 12/20/18 - 08/14/20 Wed. 12/19/2018
Dec 2020 12/20/18 -09/23/20 Wed. 12/19/2018
Mar 2021 12/20/19 -02/12/21 Wed. 12/19/2018
SoybeanFutures Reference MonthPricing PeriodFinal Enrollment Date
Mar 2019 08/20/18 - 02/14/19 Fri. 08/17/2018
July 2019 09/18/18 - 06/14/19 Fri. 09/14/2018
July 2019 12/20/18 - 06/14/19 Wed. 12/19/2018
2018 Soybeans1 YEAR
Nov 2019 09/18/18- 09/25/19 Fri. 09/14/2018
Nov 2019 12/20/18 - 09/25/19 Wed. 12/19/2018
Jan 2020 12/20/18 - 12/06/19 Wed. 12/19/2018
July 2020 12/20/18 - 06/12/20 Wed. 12/19/2018
2019 Soybeans2 YEAR
Nov 2020 12/20/18 - 09/23/20 Wed. 12/19/2018
Jan 2021 12/20/18 - 12/11/20 Wed. 12/19/2018
WheatFutures Reference MonthPricing PeriodFinal Enrollment Date
Mar 2019 09/04/18 - 02/14/19 Fri. 08/31/2018
2018 Wheat1 YEAR
July 2019 09/04/18 - 06/14/19 Fri. 08/31/2018
2019 Wheat2 YEAR
July 2020 09/04/18 - 06/12/20 Fri. 08/31/2018

Purchase Contract terms apply. This is provided to you for information purposes only, does not constitute an offer, and is not intended to be a part of any contract that may be entered into. Please consult the Purchase Contract for the terms and conditions that will govern the sale and purchase of grain.

Information provided is general in nature and is provided without guarantee as to results. The information is not intended to be, and should not be construed as, trading, financial, legal, or tax advice. No warranty is made with regard to the information or results obtained by its use. Cargill, Incorporated, its subsidiaries, and affiliates disclaim any liability arising out of your use of, or reliance on, the information.

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